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Things your clients DON’T care about…


In case you need to hear this today….

These are a list of things your clients DON’T care about: 

  • Whether or not, you’re “good enough”.
  • How smart you are compared to your colleagues. 
  • Whether or not you “deserve” your job. 

Things they DO...

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Being present outside of work


Have you ever struggled to be ‘present’ in your life outside of work?

I used to find it SO hard to turn off my brain. 

I would constantly be: 

  • worrying about incomplete tasks
  • ruminating about potential mistakes
  • nervous that work would interrupt my free time.

So even when I...

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Don't forget who you are


I was just coaching a client who was feeling really anxious. 

She was worried about an upcoming internal review.

Her fear was that they didn’t think she’s a good fit for the team.  

Her ultimate fear was the humiliation she would feel if she was let go. 

Can you...

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Big goals = big emotions


Just a reminder that if you have BIG goals…

You can expect to feel BIG emotions. 

Don’t let that stop you.  

When I was going for partnership, I was feeling a LOT.

  • Fear of rejection.
  • Anxiety about whether I was good enough.
  • Awkwardness in dreaded networking...
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Do they know you want that promotion?


Quick question…

Does your firm know you want that promotion? 

Or are you keeping silent about your ambitions for the time being? 

Perhaps because: 

  • You worry you don’t have what it takes. 
  • You assume your hard work will speak for itself.  
  • You...
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Change the quality of your life


If I could only give ONE piece of advice about how to change your day-to-day experiences at work and in life, it would be this:


  • The way that you habitually THINK ABOUT yourself and TALK TO yourself, will determine the quality of your life. 


Most of us are taught to chase or...

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It’s just a job


 Have you ever been given that advice?

That you should try to ‘care’ a bit less about your job. 

The advice seems sensible … but feels a bit off.

Here’s my argument for ignoring it. 

The advice is well intentioned. 

It’s usually given by someone...

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Nobody cares if you’re ‘good enough


Hear me out...

How much time do you spend wondering whether you’re ‘good enough’? 


Well, I’m here to tell you that NOBODY CARES about that. 


Hear me out. 


What the hell does ‘good enough’ even mean? 


In my legal...

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Being indecisive


Do you struggle with being indecisive? 

  • Should I buy that thing or the other thing?
  • Should I say something or not?  
  • Should I stay or leave my current job?

Perhaps you try to make your decision by thinking through every possible eventuality, but instead of feeling clear,...

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Stay in your own lane


Just a quick reminder that if you struggle with self-doubt or imposter syndrome, there is almost ZERO benefit to comparing yourself to your colleagues. 

Your brain will just get to work pointing out all the ways they are smarter or more confident or ‘further along’ than you....

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