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Tightrope of confidence vs arrogance


Do you worry about being seen as ‘arrogant’? 

You want to be more confident at work …. but not OVER-confident. 

You’d like to find the perfect balance between showing-up as an assertive, self-confident person AND being viewed as humble, self-aware and NEVER one...

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Clear is kind - Avoiding giving feedback is not.


Do you ever avoid giving ‘difficult’ feedback because you feel bad? 

It feels awkward or uncomfortable. 

You prefer to correct the work yourself and move on. 

Or perhaps, you try to give the feedback, but end-up talking around it – because you’re worried...

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Work hierarchies are ARTIFICIAL


Just a quick reminder that hierarchies at work are ARTIFICIAL and CONSENSUAL. 

No-one you work with has any ACTUAL power over you. 

  • They might have a different title. 
  • They might give and review your work
  • They might make decisions about your progress at that firm,



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We can’t control other humans


If you’re managing people and feeling a little frustrated…

Perhaps because they’re not doing it ‘right or don’t seem to ‘care’ enough…

This is just my reminder to you that …sadly… we can’t control other human beings. 


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Confidence is NOT necessary….


If you’re waiting to feel confident before you do the thing….


Confidence is NOT NECESSARY to take action. 

Confidence is also not necessary to take action that other people perceive as confidence. 

I know that because over the last six years I’ve coached...

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How to feel more motivated


If you’re struggling with lack of motivation, you’re not alone! 

We all have periods where we feel like we’re just going through the motions. 

We start to ask ourselves why we’re even bothering. 

Isn’t there an easier career out there for us?! 


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Risk Tolerance


What’s your tolerance for risk? 

One of the principles I teach, is that to progress in your career, especially if you’re managing other humans, you need to increase your tolerance for risk. 

If you don’t, you won’t be able to prioritise your time, or make...

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3 things NOT required for career success


Just a reminder that these 3 things are totally unnecessary for career success: 

  1. Perfection
  2. People being pleased with you 24/7
  3. Someone else’s belief in you

Not necessary. And will ultimately hold you back. 

  • I don’t know any successful people who are perfect. Zero. Not...
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Urgent is just a thought


I know you probably work in a “fast-paced” environment. 

Where people frequently tell you things are “urgent”. 

They’ll look very serious when they do. 

They’ll 100% believe it. 

But I’m here to remind you, that “urgent” is...

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The secret to being a confident person


Do you believe you’re not a confident person? 

You see people around you who (seem) super confident. 

You compare yourself against them - and make it mean you’re different. 

Not a “confident person”. 

I’m here to tell you you’re...

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