What’s your BD process?

Uncategorized Sep 12, 2022

What’s your business development process?

How do you originate and grow work for yourself or your firm? 

I ask because lots of my clients are sure they don’t have a ‘process’. 

They tell me they just do things whenever they remember or have the time. 

Maybe they go to some firm events, the odd closing dinner. They take clients for lunch every so often or comment on posts they see when they’re doom-scrolling LinkedIn. ☺

But … “no process”. 

Just to be clear, this isn’t the part where I give you a lecture about how important it is to have a process. This is where I point out that you already DO. 

Every week you sit down at your desk and there’s work for you to do. 

Where did it come from? 

Magic? ☺

Whatever stage of your career. You have a process for getting work. 

  • Perhaps you do great work for partners or clients, build strong relationships and get given the next project…. and then the next. 
  • Perhaps you create new relationships through events, online platforms, mutual connections or by being an expert in your area. 

My point is. Whether you call it a “process” or not. You have one. 

And if you take a minute to understand the process you already have, it becomes less mysterious, daunting or confusing. 

You don’t have to start from scratch. You’re already out there, generating work. 

I’m not saying we couldn’t make your process better, easier or more fun … but let’s start by acknowledging that this isn’t something outside your area of expertise. 

You’re already doing it. 

Figure out your current process and build from there.


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