They're not paying you for knowing everything..

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2022

I’ve realised that a lot of my clients have a total misconception about why they’re being paid their salary. 

And it’s making them question whether they really ‘deserve’ it.  Cue self-doubt; over-working; not thinking they’re capable of next level work etc. etc. 

So I wanted to make sure you’re not under the same misconception. 

And that is … that they’re paying you because you already know how to do everything. You already know the answers. You will go into every task with total confidence in yourself, the process and the outcome. 


No, no, no. 

This is NOT why you get paid the amount of money you get paid. 

Now look, this may be the case in some jobs. In some jobs you get a two-week training course and then you do the same thing forever more. 

But if you’re reading this, I’m guessing that isn’t the job you signed up for. You’re most likely in a role that requires continuous professional growth. Where as soon as you learn how to do one thing, they throw you into the next. Where as soon as you feel confident, you’re asked to do something where confidence is impossible because you have no clue what the task even means, let alone how to complete it! 

But, guess what. 

Somehow….and not by magic. You figure it out. 

You feel uncomfortable and unsure of yourself. You take the first step without knowing what the last one is. You ask questions and take action despite the likelihood that you’ll make mistakes. You’re willing to get tough feedback in order to improve. You’re willing to risk embarrassment, failure and fear, in order to complete the task you’ve been given. 

THAT, my friends, is why they pay you your salary. 

Not everyone is willing to do those things. 

You’re willingness creates $ VALUE for them. 

If you weren’t willing to go through that discomfort, they would have to employ someone who’s done the thing a hundred times before - and that person is more expensive than you. They can’t just hire partners, or senior execs. Terrible business model! 

A huge chunk of your value is your willingness to learn. 

So I just want to offer, that if you’re feeling uncomfortable, perhaps you’re EXACTLY where you need to be.  



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