Talking about your value is NOT arrogance

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2021

 If I had a dollar….

For every time a woman told me that she found it uncomfortable to talk about her strengths or ambitions, because she didn’t want to seem ‘arrogant’.

Then I would be a VERY rich woman.

The truth is that we’re socialised as women to avoid the perception of arrogance AT ALL COSTS. That conditioning is often so deep-rooted, that we’ve expanded the idea of arrogance to cover, basically any statement (even if 100% true), that might put us in a positive light.

And if talking about our success might make someone else feel bad, well you can forget it!  

Hardly surprising then that we’re not great (or well-practiced) at articulating our value when it comes to promotion or interview processes. Hardly surprising that we feel horribly uncomfortable with profile-raising, talking about our ambitions or asking for more money. 

Instead, lots of us will fall back on just working really hard and being as perfect as possible in our current role. After all, the alternative is ARROGANCE. 

Or is it?

I want to offer you a few definitions of arrogance I found via Dr Google:

  • The behaviour of a person when they feel that they are more important than other people and consequently act in a rude or inconsiderate manner.
  • An attitude of exaggerated worth or superiority manifested in an overbearing manner.
  • Unpleasantly proud and behaving as if you are more important than other people.

If you don’t fall within these categories, then I want you to delete the word ‘arrogant’ from your vocabulary. Don’t use it against yourself. Don’t use it against other people.

You get to choose what you think about yourself and your career goals.

- You could choose to believe that you have a ton of value and so do other people. That your success will not diminish others, in fact, it could lift them up.

- You could choose to believe that you’re not a ‘better person’ or ‘more important’ than anyone else, but your achievements are important, and valuable, and real.

Just because your brain has been conditioned to think a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to keep those thoughts and beliefs. They are totally optional.

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