Taking emotion ‘out of it’ is NOT a thing

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2022


I always find it funny when people say, “let’s just take the emotion out of it”. 


I know what they mean. They mean, let’s think rationally. 


Fine. Great. Let’s do that. 




Just so you know… emotion is still there. 


It’s driving your desire (an emotion) to think rationally about something in order to achieve an outcome. And the only reason you’re motivated (an emotion) to achieve that outcome is because you want to feel something (proud, relieved, accomplished, satisfied…) or because you want to avoid feeling something (fear of consequences, embarrassed etc.). 


To leave emotions out of it, we’d need to chop off your head. 


I think that’s a bit radical, so I have an alternative suggestion. 


Maybe emotion is not a BAD thing. 


Maybe self-awareness about emotions is an ADVANTAGE. 


The more aware we are of the emotions driving our behaviour (as they ALWAYS are), the more control we can take over our reactions and, ultimately, the outcomes we create. 


So, let’s stop (attempting) to take emotions ‘out of it’. 


Let’s just take a look at them. Decide whether they have anything useful to tell us. Choose how we want to react. Think about what emotions we want to generate on purpose.  


Your emotions are involved in every decision you make and every action you take. 


Becoming an expert in them is WAY more effective than trying to ignore them. 


You’ll create better results for yourself. 


You’ll be a better leader of other people. 


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