Struggling with networking brain-freeze syndrome?

Uncategorized Oct 10, 2022

“So…what exactly do you do?”

Ever been asked this question at a networking event and experienced total brain-freeze?

Or muttered something incomprehensible? 

EEEEEEEEEK. I’ve been there. 

And it’s a shame. Because if you can’t communicate what you do, how will people know about the value you have to offer. How will they know to hire or refer you? 

So, a few tips:

1. Figure out what made you freeze last time. What were you worried about? What were you assuming about the other person’s level of interest or response? Why did it feel uncomfortable? Raise your awareness of what’s going through your mind in those situations so that you can address any worries or anticipate them next time. 

2. Write a (short) script in advance and PRACTICE it (repeatedly and aloud). Hearing the words come out of your mouth for the first time during an event will feel strange. Half of the discomfort in these situations is created by our inner commentary on how strange and awkward the whole thing is…!

3. Include an example to make it more interesting or relevant. For example. “I’m a career coach for professional women [basic description]. I have a background in law, so right now I’m working with several women lawyers on building their confidence and getting onto the partnership track”. You can tweak the example depending on the audience and what’s relevant to them. 

All useful, but my advice is to pay most attention to the first point. 

You’re all smart people. You don’t need someone else to tell you how to explain what you do for a living. The secret to becoming more confident in these situations, will be in figuring out what’s stopping you from feeling that way already.    

If you’d like some help with that, let’s chat. CLICK HERE to book a free consult. We can explore what’s going on for you in these situations and map out a plan to build your confidence and take more control of these situations. 


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