Nobody cares if you’re ‘good enough

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2023

Hear me out...

How much time do you spend wondering whether you’re ‘good enough’? 


Well, I’m here to tell you that NOBODY CARES about that. 


Hear me out. 


What the hell does ‘good enough’ even mean? 


In my legal career, some people thought I was brilliant, some that I was ‘average’.  


What did that mean about whether I was ‘good enough’? 


The answer is – ‘good enough’ was totally irrelevant. 


The bottom line is that you work in a business. 


You create economic value. They pay you a salary in return. 


The only relevant question is - what economic value is required at your level? Are you generating that? How can you generate more? 


Those are good questions. They are answerable. 


My advice is to drop your search for ‘good enough’. You won’t find the answer anywhere external. When you’re ready, you just decide that you are. 


Value on the other hand, is tangible. It’s measurable. 


Much less dramatic I’m afraid. You won’t find life-affirming truths here. ☺ 


But that’s the point. Your boss couldn’t care less about your soul-search for ‘good enough’. They just want you to create value $ for the business. 


  • Improve [X] skillset
  • Develop [X] relationship


Go put your brain to work on how to do THAT. 


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