Being present outside of work

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2023

Have you ever struggled to be ‘present’ in your life outside of work?

I used to find it SO hard to turn off my brain. 

I would constantly be: 

  • worrying about incomplete tasks
  • ruminating about potential mistakes
  • nervous that work would interrupt my free time.

So even when I wasn’t technically working, my brain was in overdrive.   

No wonder I was mentally exhausted! 

The problem is, there’s no switch that you can flip in your brain when you go home. If your brain feels anxiety about work when you’re at your desk, it will still feel anxiety when you step away. 

So… this isn’t really a question of dialling up your ‘present-ness’ switch outside of work. It’s a question of reducing work anxiety wherever you are. 

The people who are not particularly anxious in the office, are the same people who find it easier to be ‘present’ outside of the office. 

For me, learning how to manage anxiety, so that I could be present in my personal life and with the people I love, was some of the most important work I’ve ever done. 


If you’d like some help overcoming anxiety at work, just reply to this email and let me know you’d like to book a free consult. Whether or not we decide to work together, you’ll walk away from the consult with clarity about what’s causing the problem for you, and with a roadmap to overcome it. 



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