Being indecisive

Uncategorized May 23, 2023

Do you struggle with being indecisive? 

  • Should I buy that thing or the other thing?
  • Should I say something or not?  
  • Should I stay or leave my current job?

Perhaps you try to make your decision by thinking through every possible eventuality, but instead of feeling clear, you’re left feeling confused, stuck or exhausted. 

You’re not alone! 

We think through every eventuality because we want to feel in control. 

We want to know, in advance, what the ‘right’ decision is. 

Here’s the problem. 

We can’t control the world. And we can’t see into the future. 

And while we’re trying to do that, we’re paralysed. 

So, by all means, do your due diligence. Set aside a (specific and limited) amount of time to think through options, weigh pros and cons, asses potential consequences etc. etc.

BUT then ….


And have your own back whatever the outcome. 

Listen, decisive people do NOT have some magic ability to see into the future.

They are just willing to take the risk, because they know they’ll be ok regardless. 

And by ok, I mean they won’t have this internal narrative:

  • “That decision was SO stupid.”
  • “I should have known better.”
  • “If only I had chosen the other option.”

Take away the post-decision beat-down, and I guarantee your next decision will be easier. 

You’ll never know in advance whether it’s the ‘right’ choice. 

But you can always control how you speak to yourself about it. 

And you always have agency over your next decision. 

Let’s go! 


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